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Sept. 16th: The Hills of Mission Viejo Beckon

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Saturday will find us ambling about in the South County area. We'll face some of the higher elevations of Mission Viejo before wending our way to Foothill Ranch on a 43 miles jaunt. Our stop will be at 3rd Place Coffee on Portola Parkway. It's the shop that replaced Bellaria Coffee, which itself had replaced Limelight Java.

There's one unusual step in the ride, and I'm not sure how clear this will be on downloaded routes. After going through the Ridge Route tunnel, which you've done many times, you have to dismount and carry the bicycle up a few steps in order to reach some neighborhood's streets. If you hit Jeronimo, you've missed the steps. Here's a view where you'll be walking:

Departure from Windrow Park is, as usual, at 8:30.


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