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OCRR Remote Ride Sat 1/21/23 - Palomar Mountain

Join us for a challenging ride up Palomar Mountain!

Palomar Mountain is located in north-central San Diego county nearest to Valley Center. We’ll be starting the ride about as close to the base of the climb as possible at the Harrah’s casino.

This ride has several options so that you can experience riding up Palomar Mountain with the minimal ascending or choose to add more miles & climbing. The options are described below:

27.2 mi, 4,426 ft

Red segment on map above

This is the “basic” ride up the South Grade Rd, but still quite challenging. All options start with this route. The climbing stops at the Palomar Mtn General Store.

9.5 mi, 1,280 ft

Green segment on first map

Optionally you can ride out/back from the Palomar Mtn General Store to the observatory. Note that there is more climbing in both directions on this route.

22.8 mi, 2,990 ft

Blue segment on first map

Another option if you’re feeling very strong is to ride down from the Palomar Mtn General Store on the East Grade Rd then back up. The ride back up is another ~11mi climb.

9.6 mi, 615 ft

Orange segment on first map

An option if riding down the East Grade Rd is to return via Hwy 76 which brings you back to the base of the South Grade Rd climb.

Route Slips

Download PDF • 31KB

Download PDF • 42KB

Download PDF • 50KB

Clip-in is at 10am at the Harrah’s casino in Valley Center. It’s a long drive & hopefully a bit warmer at 10am :-) Meet in the large parking lot just south of the casino,

Let me know if you’re interested in carpooling.


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