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Join Us for a "Highly Exaggerated" Adventure in Dana Point!

Hey everyone,

Guess what? We've decided to embark on a daring expedition to Dana Point this Saturday, all in the name of escaping the dreaded heatwave! 🌞 But here's the twist: according to RWGPS, the elevation there is a whopping 3,900 feet! 🏔️ Now, I don't know about you, but I suspect someone at RWGPS might be moonlighting as a mountain enthusiast on the side. 🌄

So, mark your calendars, because this Saturday, we're going to uncover the truth behind this "highly exaggerated" elevation. Will we find ourselves scaling the heights of Everest? Or will we discover Dana Point is secretly a hidden mountain paradise? 🏔️🕵️

Join us for an adventure filled with laughter, breathtaking (or not-so-breathtaking) views, and the chance to conquer what might just be the world's tiniest "mountain." 😂

See you all on Saturday @ 8:30, ready to debunk elevation myths and enjoy a day of fun in the sun (or whatever altitude we end up at)!




Download PDF • 58KB

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