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February 3rd - San Clemente Hills

Hey cycling comrades! 🚴‍♂️ Prepare your quads for a rollercoaster of emotions (and hills) this Saturday in San Clemente. We've got two routes: one for the sensible souls and another for the gluttons of pain, like myself.

The "short" route - because we're all about perspective - is for those who have brunch appointments or simply value their sanity. Meanwhile, the long route boasts an impressive 64 miles with a vertical ascent that supposedly defies the laws of physics (BS, right? RWGPS must've hit the climbing juice a bit too hard).

I've declared my allegiance to the long route, but let's not forget my well-known ability to bail on hills for reasons like "my legs hurt too much," "it's too hot," "it's too cold," "it's too windy," or just "I spotted an ice cream truck." Commitment level: fluctuating.

Clip-on time is, as always, a precise 8:30 am at Windrow Park. Let the uphill battle (and excuses) begin! 🏔️😂 #CyclingDrama #HillariousAdventures

Long Route

Download PDF • 80KB

Short Route

Download PDF • 186KB

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