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8/13/22 Nyes + PCH + San Joaquin

Hi Matt MacLaren - I know you are on the injured reserves, but if you have chance stop by the coffee stop as we will be very close to your home. Please make sure you say something to Marcelo with his new electric bike ...

It will be a hot Saturday, so we will be heading to Laguna Beach and our coffee break will be at Starbucks @ Crystal Cove Shopping Center, 7958 E Pacific Coast Hwy,Newport Beach, CA 92657 View on Google Maps.

For those who dare, will be doing Nyes. Unfortunately:) I am out of town this weekend, so if you do decide to do it, make sure you harass Ron and both Marks on the way up and make sure they do not slack off.

For those who do not want to put yourself through the nightmare of Nyes, you can do the short route. It goes up Bluebird Canyon backwards, but you need to stay awake on the turns. BTW after the coffee break you will be going up San Joaquin Hills, so make sure you challenge the riders who chose to do Nyes. I am sure their legs will be tire, so have no mercy on them.....

Long Route


Download PDF • 155KB

Short Route


Download PDF • 154KB

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