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12/2 Carbon Canyon & Turnbull Canyon

Attention fellow cyclists! This Saturday, we're embarking on a journey through the legendary Carbon & Turnbull Canyon. Now, I've got to confess, my legs are currently negotiating their contract for the day, and there's a chance they might stage a walkout after the coffee stop.

I'm not saying my stamina has commitment issues, but let's just say it's in an open relationship with endurance. If things get really wild, I've already reserved my Uber chariot for a glamorous exit. No shame in my game – I'll be the one rolling up to the finish line like a Tour de Fabulous contestant.

But here's the catch: my performance hinges on the delicate balance of sugar and coffee coursing through my veins. It's a scientific equation involving caffeine, glucose, and a pinch of delusion. So, join us on this epic adventure, and let's see if my sugar rush can outpace my common sense! 🚴‍♂️☕️ #CaffeinePoweredComedyTour

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