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10/07 Newport + PID + Golden Lantern (Extra Tough)

Ah, ladies and gentlemen, by unpopular demand, behold the creation of the "Cupcake is Away" route! It's like a scenic tour through climbs that have been scientifically engineered to make you question your life choices. Ride with GPS insists this uphill ordeal is 5,200 feet, but I'm almost certain it's just a mild 4,200 feet. I mean, exaggerations are the spice of life, right?

Don't fret over the PID climb; you will have plenty of time to warm-up your legs via Ridge Park and Aliso Creek as they are like the espresso shots of pain and suffering.

Now, for those of you with a touch of sanity left, I recommend avoiding Ridge Park and the PID climb. Let the others suffer and sacrifice their precious leg power. You can save yours for the best part – pushing them through the rest of the ride. And, let's be honest, I'd challenge Ron to a race on the flats. Because nothing says "friendship" like a good old-fashioned cycling duel!

And just to show that I will be in agony too, I'll graciously limit my wine intake this Saturday to just one bottle. Cheers to the pain and suffering we willingly sign up for! 🚴🍷😅

Clip-on time @ 8:30

Route cue sheet

Download PDF • 78KB

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