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07/15 Nyes + PCH + San Joaquin

Oh, the dreaded Nyes climb! Sounds like a real adventure, or should I say a real "misadventure"? I can just imagine the struggle and pain of those brave souls who take on the challenge. It's like a rite of passage for the hardcore fitness enthusiasts, but for the rest of us, it's more like a recipe for sore legs and a broken spirit.

And then there are the smart ones who opt for the Bluebird Canyon climb, the wise souls who choose pleasure over pain. While the Nyes climbers are huffing and puffing up that treacherous hill, the Bluebird Canyon climbers are probably enjoying the scenic views, catching butterflies, and thinking what they will order at the coffee stop. It's like they found the secret cheat code to weekend enjoyment!

But hey, I cupcake I am out of town, away from the suffering and agony. I will just image the pain I am not suffering, while watching the Tour De France....

Clip-on time as always 8:30

Long Route


* Route Slip

Download PDF • 155KB

Short Route


* Route slip

Download PDF • 153KB

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